tribute walter sisulu

His very visit was something of importance to me. He was brought by a young man who was also in some form of leadership in the organisation. He happened to strike me more than any person I had met. I was an estate agent at the time. I was also active in politics. When a young man of Nelson's nature came, it was a godsend to me. It's me who asked him what he wanted to do, and he told me he undertook to study law. And that fitted me too, because . . . as an estate agent, I was dealing with lawyers a great deal. And so politics and law and all those things came together. I, therefore, welcomed the idea of meeting a person like Nelson and his demeanor just answered that . . . when Nelson is introduced to people, he is very warm. He can be cool, but generally he is warm. I like a person who is warm. And then the knowledge of what he wanted to do, and his background, I thought that he would do well if he is prepared. We'd try to help him towards leadership. I had no hesitation that it was a godsend for a man like him to come along at the time when I needed a man of that stage ... He is a warm person, foresighted. And you like a person like this, and you are going to introduce a person like that. You feel happy introducing a person acceptable and warm to other people.