tribute derek watts

My Madiba moment was literally out of this world. It was the first of May 2002. I was live in the Carte Blanche studio with Madiba talking to Mark Shuttleworth, who was floating around in the International Space Station. A special guest in the studio was Michelle Foster from Reach for a Dream who, amidst all the space talk, suddenly proposed to Mark! He said he was flattered, and looking rather embarrassed, changed the subject back to his mission.

Madiba was highly amused - especially when I told Mark he was avoiding the question! Sadly, Michelle passed away a short while later. It had been a magic moment of her courage in battling against cancer, Mark bringing the excitement of scientific research and exploration to all South Africans and Madiba adding that special magic of his own with his genuine interest in the First African in space mission and such wonderful empathy for a young girl from Durban.