tribute bruce fordyce

My favourite Madiba anecdote!

My favourite sports award is the State President's Gold Award for Sport which I received from President Mandela himself. At the time some retrospective awards were given to has-beens like myself who had not received awards during the National Party government's regime.

I was never going to be given an award or any recognition from the Nats after I wore a black armband in the 1981 Comrades marathon as a protest against the race's incorporation into the Republic Day Festival celebrations. However, the wait was truly worth it, and it was the highlight of my sports career to be honoured by our greatest citizen alongside other sporting luminaries like Jody Scheckter and Basil D'Oliveira.

Madiba had a special word for each of us and when we left the stage each of us was a little star-struck. As I walked up to receive my medal and certificate he looked at me, and smiled and said, "Ah, here is our Bruce, the man with more comrades than the ANC!"