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Dear Madiba

"He built a monument more lasting than bronze which not the gnawing raindrop nor the numbered series of the ages and the flight of time shall destroy." Horace, 65-8BC.

Your own long and unselfish walk to freedom has spiritually liberated so many others who had the privilege of sharing even just a few steps of life's journey with you. It was you who unshackled us from our past. It was your spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation that inspired us to embrace the future.
I count myself blessed to have been able to respond to the strong call for social justice with which you empowered all those who followed your path. As our respective journeys through this life give way to moments of greater pause and reflection, I recall, with a sense of immense fulfillment, the many initiatives of upliftment you inspired me to share with you.

Whether the smiles were on the faces of the children at the Elliotdale, Qunu and Nkalane schools, or among the beneficiaries of the Children's Fund, or whether the gratitude came from the adults at the refurbished Bram Fischer Library and many other endeavours, all our joint ventures spoke ultimately of the spirit of Ubuntu, so tirelessly and selflessly nurtured by you.