tribute Jomo Sono

He is our commander-in-chief

No doubt he gave his people belief

He stood up for basic human rights

At first he was not prepared to fight

For a policy of non-violence was his aim

And he played a major role in the defiance campaign


After the ANC was banned

Mandela formed the MK throughout the land

Courage and conviction he had

and this made the regime go mad

He made it plain for all to see

that he stood for justice and equality


Turning point was the Rivonia trial

He spoke the truth, there was no denial

It seemed to all South Africa had won the day

But a brave and intrepid Mandela would have it his way

He has built a Utopian state

No bitterness, no bloodshed and not a drop of hate

He paved the way for a rainbow nation

People flock to South Africa with no hesitation

We want to thank Mandela one and all

Now all South Africans can live and all walk tall.