Tributes leon schuster

Okay, so there I was in this fancy hotel in LA waiting for Madiba to return from a charity event with Will Smith and many other famous Hollywood stars. Anant Singh and I were in LA marketing Mr. Bones - this was in 2002 - and Anant wanted to introduce me to Madiba. We hung around that hotel for the best part of 3 hours before Madiba arrived. He looked very tired and I really pitied him - it was a long day, and there were a long queue of people waiting to shake hands with him, which he did. Finally, before reaching us, his PR took him to the lift - I think she realised that he was extremely tired.

Anant rushed over to the elevator and just before the doors closed, jumped in and opened the lift again. He then introduced me: "Madiba, this is Leon Schuster, the guy who makes the funny movies." My greatest moment was seeing a huge, friendly but tired smile forming on Madiba's lips. He shook my hand warmly and said: "You must a never catch me out in a one of a those jokes that you play in your movies. But if you do, I will a definitely spank your bottom!" He laughed, and we had a short conversation about my movies and the fact that he watched some of them while on Robben Island! He invited me to come and visit him back in SA, and told his PR to give me a business card. Wow, what a moment!