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Welcome to the Nelson Mandela news archive. This is a collection of stories, speeches, slideshows and videos about key news moments and personal Madiba memories.

Nelson Mandela Exhibition

Nelson Mandela Exhibition

On November 8 2008 an exhibition entitled Mandela - Leader, Comrade, Negotiator, Prisoner, Statesman was opened by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. It included photographs, videos and artefacts celebrating the life and times of Nelson Mandela.

The exhibition was developed in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Apartheid Museum, the Nelson Mandela Museum in Mthatha and the Department of Education.

Tutu said: "This one who we hold in such high regard is a human being; he was a little boy who herded cattle. What does this say to our children? It says to our children that they don't come ready-made for heaven."

He added: "It also shows that Mandela was not born a leader but became one through the apartheid situation, and this teaches youngsters that they are also capable of great things."

A life in cartoons

Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund

In 1995 the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund was established,with the vision of improving the lives of children and the youth. The fund also operates in four other countries. Learn more here